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Videos Straight From a Mobile Phone

March 24th, 2012

I remember the day when I received my first mobile phone. It was many years ago, but I still remember the day as if it were yesterday. Little did I know that day that my mobile phone would change my life forever. Of course, over ten years ago when I got my first mobile phone nobody even thought about the possibility to download video from youtube to a mobile phone, but in 2012 many people watch Youtube videos on a daily basis. I am one of them. I take pride in the fact that in order to unwind and have fun, I open my browser and start watching something funny whenever I feel like doing so.

There is one program that revolutionized my life and changed it forever. What does this program do? It converts any Youtube video in such a way so that I can watch it straight from my mobile phone. This is something I have never even dreamed about. Now, I can watch my favorite videos straight from my mobile phone. How convenient for me and all those who might want to watch the videos with me. I can download any Youtube video on my mobile phone and watch it wherever I happen to find myself in. I do not mind watching the same videos over and over again as long as I have fun doing so. There are some videos out there I watched dozens of times already and never get tired of them. I definitely have some favorite videos I would not hesitate to watch twenty or more times.

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