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Windows Service Packs

November 26th, 2008

Windows Service Packs are a compilation of upgrades to Windows Operating systems, and they offer enhanced security, and sometimes even completely new features. Currently, Windows Vista�s newest Service Pack is SP1, and Windows XP newest Service Pack is SP3. I am going to give an example of that Windows XP SP2 offers. As it is with almost every upgrade, there are usually new, useful features added in it. It is no different in case of upgrade pack to Windows XP called the Service Pack 2. Here it is what the pack brings:

� Thanks to �Windows Security Center� you will be protected from unsafe attachments and downloads.
� Windows Firewall comes together with Service Pack 2. Firewall is intended to protect your system from access by unauthorized people (from the internet or local network).
� If you use Internet Explorer, SP2 will give you a pop up blocker that will block all of the annoying ads.
� Wireless networking will be easier thanks to Service Pack 2. The �Wireless Network Setup Wizard� will teach you how to install your network and �Microsoft Broadband Network Utility� will make sure that everything is working properly.

While this SP might be quite old, a lot of people do not have it, especially if their Windows CD does not have it included. I strongly believe that Windows Service Packs can be very useful and helpful to everybody, and this is why I recommend that you consider getting them.

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