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YouTube and Fighting With Piracy

April 27th, 2010

There has been some discussion recently about YouTube fighting with piracy. I think that this company has definitely made some progress. As a matter of fact, many users are experiencing problems accessing videos which were removed due to copyright infringement. Some users may not even know that such videos were not supposed to be shared. This means that YouTube is responding to each claim that a particular video is copyrighted and further investigates it. I do not know how many videos were investigated, but I am sure that thousands, if not millions, were removed. I believe that YouTube is motivated to do so, because they want to avoid any possible lawsuits. The question arises, can you really control what millions of users are uploading? We will have to wait to see it for ourselves.

Anyway, YouTube is one of the most popular websites where users can upload and share their videos. YouTube has been owned by Google for some time, and it seemed that with Google´┐Żs support nothing stood in its way. Some say that this might change in the future because of growing competition. For example, Flickr is a site that allows uploading images is now also going to focus on videos. What does it mean? First of all, it is good news for anyone who agrees that competition is beneficial. It is hard to say if Flickr is going to be able to offer as high quality services as YouTube. Anyway, YouTube has to be aware of competition, and will probably make its own service even more convenient and user friendly. Competition in the high-tech industry is always beneficial for the consumers.

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