Monthly Archives: December 2012

Traffic Generation

Are you interested in the topic of traffic generation? In this article I would like to list some traffic generation ideas that I got recently:

-Include your URL on your business cards. This should increase the number of visitors you receive, especially if you hand out your business card to many people.
-Building a community around your blog is probably the most important thing. Regular visitors can constitute the majority of traffic. Make sure you offer some valuable content to your readers. It is important to build a strong reader base.
-Submit your articles to EzineArticles. Articles that will be accepted will be a good source of traffic as well. Makes sure you link to your own website from the submitted articles. Submitting articles on a regular basis will ensure that your website will receive a steady flow of traffic.
-Getting involved in sites similar to MySpace can boost the number of people visiting your site, especially if they have similar interests corresponding to your niche. Nonetheless, you should make sure that you are not doing anything that is considered spamming.
-Answer questions in Yahoo Answers while including your website’s URL. If you are an expert on some topic, then Yahoo Answers can help you attract many visitors. This strategy can also work for LinkedIn Answers.

There are probably many other ways you can attract traffic; however, the important thing is that whatever you do, you keep doing your best. Eventually there will be many visitors coming to your site.

Something Soft

Whenever my back gives me trouble, I like to be able to put something soft behind it when I sit on a chair to help me relieve the pain. A good example of a thing I like to put is a mattress latex simply because it is so soft and offers such a good relief to my back when it aches. I usually find soft things to be really helpful to me when a part of my body hurts and needs to rest.


I am not exactly sure if I know anybody who plays a cello. I know that there was a time in my life when I wanted to play it, but for some reason never really had a chance to make it happen.

If I meet somebody who plays a cello, I am going to refer him or her to a place where they can get some cello strings. I am thinking here about cello where cello enthusiasts come for any need that they have.

Kitchen Faucet Ideas

How much time on average do you spend in your kitchen? The answer to this question probably depends on whether you cook a lot or not. Even if you do not cook, then you probably eat breakfast at home, probably in your kitchen. A kitchen where you spend a lot of time should be fully functional, so in some cases you might be looking for a faucet contractor to install your kitchen faucet. It is important that you feel good in your own kitchen, because if you decide to cook at home you can actually save a lot of money, as you will not need to go to restaurants as much. Meals cooked at home can be also quite delicious and there are many recipes online you can choose to base your meals on.