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Get Paid to Read Emails #2

December 30th, 2008

In my last post I discussed Hits4Pay. Basically, the biggest incentive is that they give you a $10 sign up bonus, but the catch is that you do not receive this $10 before you accumulate $15 more. To accumulate $15, you need to wait for Hits4Pay to send you the advertisement emails. Each email has 1 link, and you only get emails once or twice a week. It takes 10 to 20 seconds to click on a link. Since for every link you click on you get $0.02, you are going to need a few months or years to accumulate $15. Does it mean that you cannot earn money with Hits4Pay? You can, but only as a person who refers many other users. However, they are probably not going to get paid, so it really looks like a pyramid scheme where only those who refer a lot of other users earn money.
Since it seems like it is a pyramid scheme, I am not going to encourage you to join it, but I know that there are people who got paid, especially those who had referrals. On the bright side, reading those emails does not take a lot of time, so if you are interested, you can sign up by visiting their webpage.

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