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Get Paid to Read Emails #1

December 30th, 2008

The idea behind Hits4Pay is to get paid for reading commercial emails. Earnings are as follows:

-You will receive a $10 Signup Bonus.
-You will earn $0.02 For Each ad.
-You will earn $0.01 from your first level members reading ads.
-You will earn $0.01 from your second level members reading ads.

The emails are customized to your preferences. You can get your payment by check once you reach $15.00. This company has a reputation of generally being honest, but the downside is that they do not pay that much. A good way of increasing your income is to have referrals.
However, I have to warn you that if you plan on using Hits4Pay, you should keep in mind that they decide how many emails they will send you. Before they pay you, you have to earn $15 by reading emails, which means that it might take some time to accumulate $15. If you manage to accumulate $15, as a bonus they are throwing in another $10, but only the first time they pay you. The problem is that they have the right to completely stop sending you emails once you begin approaching the payout.

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