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Monetization Widget

February 1st, 2010

There are many ways to monetize your blog. One of them is to implement monetization widgets. What is a monetization widget, one might ask? It is simply a script that gets displayed on your site as a widget. There are a few companies that offer such kind of widgets. I am going to list two of them, namely WidgetBucks and ScratchBack.

What is attractive about them is that they are similar to other widgets in a sense that they are easy to implement. This is especially true if you have a blogging platform like WordPress that supports plugins. Some of them work like pay-per-click ads, text lick ads, or even like affiliate links. They all might work in a different way, yet all of them provide you with an opportunity to monetize your site.
It is important to remember that while monetizing a website is a good idea, you should always keep your visitors in mind. This means that whatever ads you place on your website should be non-intrusive. Visitors will keep coming to your blog is they appreciate the content being posted there and you have to be careul not to have too many ads or widgets.

Biz, Blog, Education, Finance, Home, Web

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