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Acne Problems

June 3rd, 2010

Some teenagers suffer from severe acne while some teenagers do not have acne at all. For some reasons, the bodies and glands of some teenagers produce more oil than the glands of other teenagers. If the glands produce more oil, you will notice that a person has acne. Acne can be a serious problem for a teenager. It is not easy to have acne, especially if the acne is very bad. Almost every teenager with acne looks for some sort of solution to his problem. If the acne of a person is really bad, the person might be advised to take Accutane. Most physicians avoid prescribing the medication because of its serious side effects. I learned about many side effect of Accutane on accutane class action. The truth is that almost every person taking Accutane experiences some kinds of side effects. Most common side effects include dry nostrils, dry lips, and dry fingernails. More serious side effects include suicidal thoughts, bowel problems, as well as some other serious illnesses that people taking Accutane experience. If you are about to start taking Accutane, I advise you to think your decision over. Is the medication really necessary or can you do without it?

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