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Email and Your Blog

June 4th, 2010

Did you know that you can post blog entries by email? If you have a mobile phone that enables you to send email messages to your account, then you can also use it to post your messages on your blog remotely. Even if this is just a standard cellular phone, it will still work, but you will be somehow limited. Whenever you are on holidays and think that there is something that you would like to add to your post or write a new one, you can easily do so. You will be limited on how long your post will be as usually in one SMS you will be able to send maximum 2-3, maybe 4 sentences. You can always send a few messages that will make a longer post as a whole, but you will need to edit them into one larger post.

Another way you can utilize your email is to take advantage out of the very useful option to receive RSS by email. Feedburner allows it, and since most people use emails, it is very convenient because your readers will not need to download any other programs including RSS readers. I also want to give you a hint how to properly count your RSS by email subscriber amount. I am talking about a situation where a person subscribes to your feed, but after some time does not check your messages anymore. The question is how can you estimate how many subscribers are really active and reading your posts. The answer is surprisingly short, as Feedburner has an integrated tracking image in all emails, which means that if the subscriber does not open the email by a set amount of time, the subscriber will be removed from the RSS count. As you see, emails can help you in managing your blog.

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