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Addictive Games

June 8th, 2010

Steven Spielberg is mainly known for movies, however, last year he got involved in creating games. As an example of this is Steven Spielbergļæ½s Boom Blox, which is a puzzle game released for Nintendo Wii. It is being launched by Electronic Arts which seem to be quite happy to cooperate with Spielberg. The game features 400 levels of strategic destruction, but the editor lets players create new levels or take existing levels and elements from the game and incorporate them into all-new level. It will be quite interesting to observe what other games from movie producers are going to get created in the future.

Anyway, games are becoming more and more addictive, and let me explain it first a little bit. A funny and real story that I read some time ago involves a 30 year old man wanted as a murderer who went to Wal-Mart where he started playing Guitar Hero in a gaming section of the supermarket. He became so much engaged in the action that he did not notice police officers who came to the shop looking for him. Probably, if he did not play the game, he could avoid being arrested. However, he was so engaged in the game that he forgot about all the world around him, and did not notice what was going on around him. I wonder if games created by Steven Spielberg will be as much fun.

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