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Mac vs PC

June 8th, 2010

I wish to discuss Macs and PCs. Macintosh is a computer that is quite popular in the United States, but in Europe it is almost completely unknown. On the other hand, Regular PCs are used across the whole world. I am not going to get engaged in a debate which system is better, but I just want to help you make a decision for anyone who considers buying a new computer.

First of all, I already stated that PCs are a lot more popular. This means that if you live anywhere outside the US, you should probably buy a PC, instead of a Mac. Many argue that it does not matter if Mac is better or not, as it is a computer that is not used almost anywhere in the world. Even if Macs were a bit cheaper than PCs, most computer users would still not want to use them, as they have no way to compete with PCs for the reasons I stated above. Even if you live in US, I also suggest that you use a PC, because you never know if you might need to travel or move to another country. It is better to use a computer that is well known around the world, instead of using a Mac for which you will not be able to buy components or find a service center in the rest of the world. After all, maintenance of a computer is very important and very often you might need to replace fans, cables, or a heatsink.

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