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Baseball and Women

April 15th, 2010

It is true that you will see many men watching baseball games. However, some women out there also enjoy watching a baseball game from time to time. Truth is that women are less likely to enjoy a game of baseball. Why does this happen?-I have been asking myself. Do not women have plenty of time on their hands? What prevents them from watching more baseball matches? A woman might need to understand what baseball is about in order to enjoy it more. For example, learning about baseball handicapping can help a woman understand what she can expect from attending a game. Baseball handicapping is another interesting form of baseball. If somebody enjoys watching baseball matches, he will be more likely to enjoy watching handicapped baseball games as well. Both types of games are similar to each other. The difference is that when it comes to baseball handicapping, one team is advantage from the very start. It can happen for a number of reasons. Baseball handicapping has always to be fair, no matter what happens. A stronger team might be disadvantaged, but it still has a chance to win. Next time you plan to watch a baseball match, take your woman with you.

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