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Inexpensive Way of Distributing Content

April 15th, 2010

Let us say that you are a video enthusiast who likes creating video for the fun of it. You would also like many people to see your videos. What if you are a poet or writer who likes to write after he comes from work? It may not be easy to publish a book, but you would probably like other people to see what you have written. What can you do in such a situation? An inexpensive way to distribute content is through torrents. Torrents are a relatively new way of sharing files and they already being used regularly by millions of Internet users. Sharing files with torrents is so easy, because you use your own bandwidth to distribute the files. The bandwidth of anyone else who is downloading is also being utilized, so this way you do not have to pay for hosting your files. Using torrents does not cost any money and there are many torrent clients that perform their job very well. Files downloaded using torrents are very rarely corrupted, a lot less often compared to traditional ftp downloads. It is also possible to resume downloading files, so you do not have to download a file during one session. All of these advantages are the reason why torrents are so popular.

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