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Contact Forms

April 9th, 2010

There are many reasons why a reader may want to contact a blogger. I think that most bloggers should allow their readers to contact them in some way. Webmasters can decide either to display their email publicly, or to have a contact form. Using a contact form will allow your visitors to contact you, but at the same time you will avoid spam by not giving away your email address.

There are also many blogs that can be contacted through email that is displayed when you enter their homepage. In such a case you just need to copy the address, and go to your email account to send them a message. On the other hand, you will not find an email address being displayed anywhere on many blogs. Many of them will be using a contact form plug-in. Here are only some reasons to have this plug-in installed:

-No one will see your email address, so no one will be able to send any spam. You will not be flooded with hundreds of email messages that you have no interest in. Spamming is a real problem these days so it is important to try to avoid giving away your email whenever possible.
-Contact form is an easier way for a reader to contact a blogger. He will not even have to go to his email account. Most readers will appreciate that they have such an convenient way of contacting you.
-Contact forms look more professional, and will make your blog more attractive to readers.

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