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Finding Cheap Gas

October 30th, 2009

There are a lot of things Google Maps can be useful for. I am sure that are some things that you may not know about, even if you are familiar with the software. Did you know that you can use Google Maps in order to find cheap gas? Do you know how this can be possible? You can accomplish this by using the GasBuddy extension to Google Maps. GasBuddy can help you locate all of the nearest gas stations, and allows people to leave notes such as gas prices or availability of regular or premium gas. It is hard not to notice the high gas prices, but fortunately this program will help you save some money, especially if you use your car a lot. We might not be able to influence the price of gas, but at least we should try to buy reasonably priced gas. GasBuddy currently allows you to find cheap gas prices in USA and Canada. Since it has a network of over 180 websites, it probably has the most comprehensive listings of gas prices anywhere. It is interesting to stipulate what would happen if all consumers had instant access to gas prices in their city. Would all of the service stations ultimately offer gas at the same price?

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