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Dealing with Spam Comments

October 29th, 2009

Spam is becoming a very dangerous issue these days. Did you recently notice a few spam comments on your blog, and decided to do something about it? Many blog platforms offer a CAPTCHA system to combat spammers. The way it works is that a commentator will have to input alphanumerical characters in a box that he sees in an image above. Since most spam comes from automated software that cannot pass this test, it is a good way to reduce the number of spam comments left on your blog. You can enable CAPTCHAs on blogger blogs by going to the comments tab and ticking “show word verification for comments”. On the other hand, if you have a WordPress blog you may simply wish to install a plug-in for this purpose. Some bloggers even decide to disallow comments simply because they receive so much spam on their blog. In my opinion, it might be a better idea to simply utilize CAPTCHA and this way allow your visitors to contribute to your blog. The WordPress platform also offers Akismet, which is a great tool to combat spam, but unfortunately Akismet is not able to detect all spam comments. That is why bloggers will need to consider using other methods to combat spam.

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