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Over Two Months of Blogging

December 22nd, 2008

It seems that I started my blog just yesterday. It is incredible how fast the time flows. Anyway, this blog is now over 2 months old, and I don�t have any plans to stop blogging in the future. I checked how many posts I wrote so far, and it seems that on average I am posting around 2 blog entries per week. When it comes to the topics I wrote about, there are more and more things I want to discuss. It is quite a challenge to monitor all interesting news and information. So far I did not receive any negative feedback about my blog, but received some positive ones which are quite encouraging.
When it comes to traffic and readers, I believe this blog is getting more popular, which is always a good thing. I also submitted this website to some directories, and joined different sites to promote my blog. Recently, I am more involved in reading and commenting on different blogs and forums with similar topics.
In the upcoming months, I will stay focused on increasing the quality of my posts, providing useful information, and further increasing the incoming traffic and amount of readers. If you have any advice how I could improve the overall quality of my blog, please free to share your opinion! I am always interested in hearing from my visitors.

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