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Google Blacklisting

March 6th, 2009

Some of you might have heard that John Chow was blacklisted by Google. John ranked as one of the top results when it comes to keywords like ‘make money online’, but even though he got blacklisted long time ago, he still did not get ranked high for phrases like ‘make money online’. Additionally, he still does not appear on the first 3-4 pages after you type ‘John Chow’ in Google. Google was for a long time redirecting anyone typing ‘John Chow’ in their search engine to pages that explain why he got punished. Google claims that John got punished for his questionable link building tactics that the company obviously dislikes. It seems that not ignoring Google’s requirements and preferences might be a good idea. My advice is that your website does not contain anything controversial that Google might dislike. As you see from the above example, it is better not to mess with Google.

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