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Images and WordPress

January 18th, 2014

If you are a blogger having a WordPress blog, you may want to insert a picture in your post from time to time. You might want to do that in order to make your blog more attractive to visitors. It might happen that some of your friends will send you an image that they will ask you to post on your blog. However, sometimes you might be surprised that the image is so big that it does not fit very well in your post. You should remember that you can always resize an image. To do so, go to your draft and left click on this picture once. You will see that it is surrounded by black frame with a few black dots. Move your cursor on one of those dots and wait until your cursor changes into double headed arrow. If it does, then hold left mouse button and drag it in order to make it smaller. Integrating images is a great idea, but try to remember not to make them too big. Another important thing that you should remember is to make sure your blog loads within a few seconds. In other words, do not upload too many images, or those visitors that use dial-up will have a hard time browsing your site. Images can make your blog look better, but you also have to take into account the loading time of your blog. There are some websites on the Internet that can help you measure that.

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