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Interactive Dialogues in Games

April 1st, 2014

Some movies are known to have great dialogues. Just the only problem with movies is that as a viewer you do not have influence over the dialogues in any way. When it comes to computer games, the situation is completely different. The developers of games can allow users to choose what their in-game character will say, but I feel that they do not use this liberty as much as they could. To truly feel like you are your in-game character you need to have influence over the actions of your avatar, and this includes what he will say in specific situations. Games like Neverwinter Nights, or Knights of the Old Republic are examples of games that contain hundreds of pages of dialogues. At the same time, they allow the player to choose what he will respond to non-player characters. This adds a new dimension to games, because you are faced with many choices. On the other hand, movies do not allow you to make any choices. However, I believe that this may change in the near future. Would it not be exciting if there existed interactive movies that would allow you to make some decisions regarding the behavior of the main character in the movie?

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