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October 9th, 2010

A lot can be written on the topic of link exchange. If you are a webmaster, you probably know that link building is crucial to ensure the success of your website. There are some things that you will need to remember about prior to participating in link building programs or before you ask another webmaster to link back to you. Probably the most important thing you will need to remember is to associate only with high quality and highly relevant websites. If you choose to associate with websites that are not relevant to your website, Google is going to penalize you for it. You might be able to know in advance whether a link trader is a worthy partner to do some business with. You need to keep some things in mind, because a bad association can be detrimental to your website in the long run. You should be always very careful while asking for a link exchange. Even if somebody offers you a link from a high page ranked website, this is not a reason to accept the gift. Only because a website has a high page rank does not have to mean that it is a good and valuable website. Not all websites with a high page rank are websites from where you might want to get a link. Sometimes, getting a link from a lower page rank website that is relevant to your site might be more beneficial to you. Beware of places that promise you a link exchange but offer you a no-follow link. This is a common practice. You need to know how to recognize all potential scams and be ready to avoid them in the future. Many webmasters already fell victim of scammers that aimed at making their websites lose page rank.

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