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Linking To Your Older Articles

September 14th, 2010

Blogs are a great platform for people who wish to express themselves. They are also a great way to pass down knowledge. However, there is a problem that some bloggers might have noticed. I am talking about the fact that often very valuable, but older posts, get buried. After a blogger blogs for many months, he probably wrote many good articles, and it would be a shame if nobody would read them anymore. One solution is to link to your older posts from your newer ones. You can link to older posts that might be considered an introduction to your newer posts, or you can link to your older posts that present the same topic in a different way. Either way you do it, it is important that your readers will benefit from it. Another way to make sure that your readers will keep visiting your older posts is to link to some of them from your homepage. You may choose a few posts that in your opinion are the most valuable, as this way there will be always new visitors reading them. Yet another way to direct traffic to older posts is to submit them to social bookmarking sites like Digg. If your post contains any useful information, then it is very probable that many users will digg your submission. As a result your post will receive a lot of traffic.

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