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Magnetic Form of 3D Designs

January 26th, 2014

Scientists are working on a system which could allow people to feel shapes and objects of 3D designs on computers. This is supposed to be achieved without any inconvenient mechanical gear. The research took place in Carnegie Mellon University, and it was announced that the system would be based on a touch-based interface, without using any gloves or force feedback. This device is going to provide the most realistic sense of touch of any haptic interface in the world today. Users will move a control handle while optical sensors measure the position and orientation of the device in relation to objects displayed on the user PC, while electrical coils inside the device receive signals and interact with magnets, causing the unit to levitate. While the description of the device might seem a bit complicated, I think that it has really great potential. This device sounds like it might be very useful, but additionally I think that it also sounds like a lot of fun. Such 3D designs could be used for games, various programs, or even for education purposes. While this technology is not exactly as sophisticated as the holodec from Star Trek, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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