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Cleaning Your Computer

January 26th, 2014

Your computer is another device that needs cleaning from time to time. Remember to clean it on a regular basis to prevent any possible damage that might occur. Let me share with you some tips how to clean your PC:

-Before you clean your PC, you should always turn it off first. Make sure that all of the cables and connectors are removed from the back side of the computer case. This will ensure that cleaning your PC will be efficient and safe.
-Compressed air is very useful while cleaning a PC. Use it on your hardware maintaining a proper distance from a device. You can use it inside the computer case, on your keyboard, or on the back side of your computer case.
-When it comes to cleaning the computer case, I suggest using a slightly wet cloth and later cleaning it again with paper towel. Remember not to use too much water, especially when cleaning inside the computer case.
-If you eat near your computer like many people do, remember to clean your keyboard regularly before it looks too bad. If you notice your keyboard is getting dirty very often you might consider buying a rubber keyboard that can be submerged into water.

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