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July 7th, 2010

Mobile ad networks such as Admob have been gaining on popularity recently. For example, Admob was recently acquired by Google. If something is acquired by Google, this has to mean that it is popular and that it has a potential to bring some money. IPad users have a reason to rejoice. Especially for them, Admob released a specific SDK (software development kit) that enables them to download and install the network´┐Żs ads within their apps. As you probably know, the abbreviation app stands for application software. When it comes to mobile ad networks, new terminology has been recently created. I have already written a few words about Admob. Now is the time to write something about Mojiva. If you have heard about Mojiva, you probably also heard about Medialets and its recent partnership with Mojiva. Mojiva is known for being able to deliver high quality media ad formats at reasonable prices. Mobile rich media have been growing on popularity recently. When I see how the number of mobile apps on the market grows, I can see how they are becoming more popular and more useful to people. After talking about Admob and Mojiva, it is now time to say a few words about Inmobi. Even though I am mentioning Imobi at the bottom of my list, it does not mean that this brand is less important. On the contrary, Inmobi does great when it comes to mobile ad networks. Even though Inmobi is based off in India, it does not have problems competing with big players on the market that are based in the US. While Google and Apple are busy battling with their competitors, Inmobi took the matter into its own hands and launched a new project that is supposed to encourage application developers to use Inmobi for advertising.

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