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Newspapers are Watching Bloggers

April 14th, 2010

Until very recently bloggers were relatively unknown and they did not have such a big influence. Times have changed though, and there are hundreds of thousands of active blogs and bloggers. There are some bloggers that are very well known and respected. Many of them can compete with major newspapers, and have thousands of subscribers. That is because blogs besides giving out valuable information can also achieve one other thing that newspapers cannot � provide a sense of belonging to a community.

Most bloggers are writing their own articles and quoting only small amount of text in their posts. On the other hand, some bloggers are posting large chunks of articles from newspapers. This in turn has encouraged subscriber newspapers to form The AP, which uses the Attributor to detect copied content from newspapers. If you write your own articles you do not have anything to worry about; however, if you are copying large amount of text from popular newspapers you may get caught. Writing your own articles is very rewarding, so I encourage you not to copy text from anywhere else, unless you want to quote some short paragraphs for various reasons. After all, we want bloggers to have good reputation and to be respected.

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