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Presidents and the Internet

July 8th, 2010

The Internet has been very useful to many people as it is a great source of information and entertainment. There are more and more people on the Internet each day, and this also includes government officials such as presidents. Even presidents surf the Web, and why would they not do it? After all, the Internet can definitely be beneficial to them in many ways. The Internet allows them to have contact with regular citizens, and it is an important part of being a president. Based on some interviews I deducted that there are two main things presidents do on the Web:

� Read the news. Obviously there is an abundance of high quality news sites on the Internet. A president might have even more accurate sources of information, but it does not mean that he never reads news online.
� Read political suggestions and advice given by surfers. While most presidents might not do that, staying in contact with the public is very important.

I think that presidents are not that much different from us as they also take advantage out of modern technology. While they are usually very busy I am sure that sometimes they might take some time to simply visit their favorite website.

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