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January 8th, 2010

Not many companies can take pride in being established many years ago. For example, company known as A & A Manufacturing Company was established in 1945, straight after the end of World War II. In the beginning, they developed the production of products from synthetic coating as well as fabrics. By 1949, they started developing protective covers for various machine tool industries. This is what they have been doing until these days. You might have heard about Gortite protective covers before. I am sure that you see them from time to time even without realizing that they were made by Gortite. Gortite is almost everywhere we go. Since it manufactures items such as bellows cameras or door actuators, you are very likely to see Gortite products almost anywhere. I would like to write a few sentences about the Gortite difference. Gortite is not like any other company manufacturing protective covers such as the welding curtain. The company employs highly qualified design engineers who make sure that all applications are developed according to the highest standards. The company also offers custom-made designs. They are aware that each client has unique needs when it comes to protective covers. It does not matter whether you are looking for a simple cover or whether you are looking for a complex and detailed engineered assembly, because Gortite will be able to deliver the product in accordance with your specifications. Their team has the experience, knowledge and the right tools to make designing of protective covers possible. They are able to deliver innovative solutions quickly and cost effectively. If you place your custom order today, you can expect it to be delivered very soon. This is because Gortite offers quick turnaround time for proposals. All of their products comply with the highest standards and all of them are based on many years of vast experience.

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