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What to Back Up

January 8th, 2010

Backing up data is very important. It is up to a person what he wants to back up; however, there is an agreement on what should be backed up on your computer in the first place. Here are some of the files and folders that definitely should be backed up, so that you will not lose any important data:

1. My Documents. It probably contains your most important documents. In case you store your documents in a different folder, make sure you back it up instead.
2. Outlook folders and settings. This will ensure your outlook setting will be backed up.
3. Registry. This is the most important part of your operating system, so it is important to have a back up. This can also be done by setting a restore point in System Restore.
4. Email. You may sometimes want to back up any important emails.
5. Instant messengers. You should especially consider backing them up if you sue them on a regular basis or when you want to have any important conversations backed up.
6. Program files. Make sure you back up all of the programs you use often.
7. Of course, backing up the content of your blog is also important.

There is nothing worse than losing valuable data, so back up anything you might ever need in the future.

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