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Search Engines and Blogs

December 4th, 2009

The amount of traffic you receive to your blog is based mainly on search engines. You want your articles to be indexed quickly, and you want them to rank highly in the search results. It seems that blogs are favored by search engines, and there are many examples of that. There are numerous blogs that have not been that popular in the past, but have gained a lot of traffic after being ranked highly in the search engines for particular words. There was one blog ranked highly for the term cnn.com/uncovering America, and the actual CNN site has been ranked number two and three, while the blog was on the first place. Due to these circumstances, the blog received a lot of visitors and this whole situation permanently increased the traffic of that blog. The only conclusion I can make is that search engines love blogs and they are worth it, as they tend to rank highly. In order for your blog to rank highly, you will need to write useful articles people like to read and update your blog quite often. If you update your blog on a regular basis and write high quality articles, sooner or later some of them will get ranked very high for different search terms. Of course, remember that for a blog to rank in the first 10 results for a particular search term, the owner of the blog has to put a lot of work into it.

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