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Stealing Content

December 2nd, 2009

Stealing content from other people�s blogs is frowned upon in the blogosphere. By this I do not mean getting ideas from other websites. I myself got an idea to write this entry after reading someone else�s post. What I mean is copying and pasting other bloggers posts or part of them without mentioning who their author is, and without asking the writer for permission. Sooner or later, the visitors of such blog are going to notice that the articles were copied from another website. All bloggers should definitely want to avoid such situations. After all, having a good reputation is important if you want to have many loyal visitors. Writing your own articles is very rewarding, and there can be a lot of satisfaction coming from being a successful blogger. It is a pleasure to see visitors coming to your site, commenting, and subscribing to your RSS feed.
To sum up, I strongly believe that focusing on topic and having an original and unique blog is a way to be a successful blogger. This is what I have been trying to do since the beginning I started blogging. I got a lot of satisfaction from it, and it was worth it.

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