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Swearing on Your Blog

January 12th, 2009

Most people do not swear on their blogs. How about you? There was a poll done on a popular site, which revealed that 40% of people swear on their blogs. To begin with, we have to understand that this poll is not sufficient proof to ultimately state that exactly 40% of people swear on their blogs. For such a poll to really work, it would have to include a lot more people. It would also have to contain a mix of different types of bloggers. Such a poll would be quite hard to organize. Nonetheless, these are interesting results, so let�s look at them more closely. Do our blogs benefit from crude language? I think that in many cases they do, especially if the readers swear a lot in their own lives. This might include a large number of websites from different niche blogs, including personal sites. After all, many people like to visit blogs which can reinforce their belief that their style of living is the right one. By visiting blogs which contain a lot of profanity, such visitors feel less guilty about their own language.
On the other hand, business blogs, blogs striving to be more serious, or blogs trying to appeal to slightly different type of visitors are going to refrain from crude language. English has a large vocabulary which is worth exploring. Ultimately, bloggers will have to make a decision themselves.

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