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Things Not To Forget About

February 23rd, 2010

Taking care of a blog is quite complicated, and that is why there are some things you can forget about quite easily. There are a couple of things that I would like to mention that you should try not to forget about. It is important not to forget about the following points:

1. Proofread your posts before publishing them, or read them at least a few times. You do not necessarily need another person to proofread your posts. You can do it yourself if you stay focused on what you are doing. If your post is going to contain many mistakes, then your blog is not going to look professional.
2. Back up your blog often. The WordPress platform can do this automatically with a proper plug-in. However, if your does not, take care of this important aspect. Think how much time you would waste if your posts got deleted. Serious bloggers will always want to back up their blog.
3. Link to your older posts. In the opinion of many bloggers this is a very good idea. Your highest quality posts might not be easily accessible, and probably are not receiving a lot of traffic. Why not direct more visitors to these posts?
4. Upgrade your blogging platform. It is a good idea to upgrade your WordPress platform on a regular basis, as it enhances security. It also often adds some new and useful features. Make sure you upgrade your plug-ins as well.

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