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Using Fancy Fonts

May 4th, 2011

There are thousands of fonts available, and some of the font creators really earn a lot of money. People like good looking fonts, so no wonder that there is such an abundance of them. It sometimes happens that bloggers edit their style sheet file and change the font to some really pretty font that is very original. If you are reading this post you might think I will explain how to change the font of your blog, but this post has a significantly different purpose. I am actually hoping to convince you to stick to regular fonts, unless you are in some specific niche like a calligraphy website. Most blogs exist to deliver some kind of message to their readers, and this is most easily achieved with easy to read, standard fonts. I think we should make the process of reading as easy as possible, and do not make it harder for your readers. There might be some exceptions for blogs of artists, or for personal blogs; however, most blogs should stick to standard fonts. Most reputable news websites use a very basic font like Times of Roman, because they want it to be easy for readers to read articles.

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