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Using Google to Spot Plagiarism

April 15th, 2010

There are many services being offered that advertise that they are able to spot plagiarism, and some of them are even free. However, I would like to present you with a very simple method. First of all, the word.plagiarist is derived from the latin word ‘kidnapper’, and it basically means that a person takes credit for someone else�s work. If you do not want anyone else to take credit for your work, you can use the Google Search engine in order to find if any of your articles are on other people�s websites. To do this select some parts of your articles and copy/paste them to Google. Look carefully at the search results to see what websites are listed there. Remember do not make accusations before you make sure that someone indeed copied your articles.

Of course, searching for plagiarism using a search engine might take a lot of time. Nonetheless, it is an excellent solution for those who do not wish to pay for similar services. Those who do not wish to pay may also consider using Copyscape, as it allows a limited number of searches per day for free. Whatever you choose, make sure that no one is copying your content without permission.

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