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Video Game Console Battle

November 18th, 2009

Video games became increasingly popular during the last two decades. More and more people play video games because they are relatively inexpensive and offer a lot of entertainment. There are a few consoles that compete with each other for the supremacy of the console market. Those consoles are PS3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360. Behind these consoles stand powerful companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. It is safe to say that Xbox 360 dominated the market in 2006, while Nintendo Wii was winning the battle during 2007-2009. While for some it might be a puzzle why that happened, I think it is quite clear that the low price of Nintendo Wii and an abundance of games attracted many customers. Analysts are wondering how year 2010 will look like, and some say that Playstation 3 will dominate, as they cut prices and introduce new games. Since Playstation and Playstation 2 were so popular a few years ago, I think that we can trust Sony to make the right decisions and have a more aggressive strategy.

Anyway, all consoles reported millions of copies sold, and that might seem odd taking into account that the global economy is in a recession. However, when you take into account that games offer hundreds of hours of entertainment, it will be clear that they are an excellent hobby in our times. Other forms of entertainment are a lot more expensive like, for example, going to cinemas, restaurants, or clubs. Playing video games on the other hand is relatively inexpensive.

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