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Unsuccessful Blogs

November 19th, 2009

Is there any particular reason there are so many unsuccessful blogs? This is a broad topic, but I thought I would shed some light on it, since there are a lot more unsuccessful blogs than successful ones. The fact that a lot of them are unsuccessful can be proven quite easily, because most of them are abandoned. There are some common reasons this happens, and here are some things you can do to avoid it:

-Focus on your visitors. Your thoughts are important as well, but what do the visitors think about your site? Do they have any requests or wishes?
-Make sure your blog has a purpose. If you do not have a clear purpose of what you are trying to achieve, then how can you achieve anything? You can use your website to spread your work, thoughts, educate your readers, or for many other reasons, but remember why you are actually doing it. This should keep you on the right track.
-Avoid poor marketing. When it comes to a brick and mortar business, customers will be able to see your business near other stores, or near busy streets. This way the news about your company can spread quickly. On the other hand, if you do not market your blog, then the chances are that nobody is going to visit it. It will be like placing your business in a middle of a forest, where the only visitors that come are those who wander there by accident.

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