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Video Games Become Obsolete

October 29th, 2009

I am aware of the fact that the title of this post might be a little bit misleading. However, I did it on purpose. I do not think that in general video games are becoming obsolete. It is quite on the contrary, because they become more and more popular compared to others forms of entertainment. The thing is that with games taking usually a few years to develop, they start becoming outdated very soon. The graphics that might have been considered to be very high quality during the first stages of a game design, might not look so appealing after the game’s release. What we observe is that very soon after the release of the game, other games are released as well which might have better graphics and might be more innovative. I am wondering if in the future we will reach a time when it will be impossible to create any better graphics. If that was ever the case then this would prevent many games from getting outdated. Of course, graphics is not the only element that can be improved, so I believe that there will always be some room for innovation. What do you think about it? What else can get improved?

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