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You can Go to Jail for Spamming

October 30th, 2009

Jeremy Jaynes from North Carolina was a man who clearly wanted to get rich. He abused the fact that it is so easy to send emails to people, and he has sent spam email to millions of people across the world. He was earning around half million dollars per month from this ´┐Żbusiness´┐Ż, and earned at least twenty five million dollars in total. It seemed that everything was working very well for Jeremy, but that was until he got accused of illegal spamming. While spamming under certain conditions is allowed, it is not legal, for example, to falsify message headers, which Jeremy was doing. Basically, he earned his fortune by lying to people, so no wonder that he will spend nine years in prison for sending illegal spam. I think it proves that you can go to jail for spamming.

This is just an example that spammers are eventually going to be punished. The society is not going to tolerate spammers because most of us waste a lot of time deleting spam from our mail folders. Spamming has to stop but it seems that the only thing that really works is to send some spammers to jail. This sets an example to other spammers who will need to realize that their actions will not get unpunished.

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