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The Internet and Learning Foreign Languages

October 30th, 2009

There are dozens of languages that people use to communicate with each other on the Internet. In the past, you always had to pay to learn foreign languages. It was obvious that if you want to learn to speak and write Italian or Spanish you had to take a course and pay for it. Today, the reality is different. With the widespread access to the Internet many services became free, and you no longer have to spend money on them. There are free courses on the Internet that are 100% legit and can help you learn and understand a foreign language. I know that BBC offers such courses, and if you are interested you can check their site for more details. Apart from regular courses there are also other ways of learning foreign languages. You can, for example, visit a chat where people speak the language you wish to learn. You can then practice such language by talking with people who speak the language of your choice. This is in fact a very effective way of learning. While English is the most widely used language on The Internet is the Western world, the truth is that there are many valuable websites in other languages.

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