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Is Beta Testing an Excuse for Poor Quality?

May 5th, 2011 Comments off

When it comes to Massive Multiplayer Online Games, it seems that many of them are in the beta stage for an extended period of time. This especially applies to Korean games, as Western games are usually in the beta stage only while the developers work hard on the game. They usually keep the game private in a sense that they only allow a limited amount of testers to participate in the beta tests.

The situation is completely different when we take a look at Korean games. Those games are officially in the beta stages while they allow everybody to play it, and even after they officially launch. This means that many Korean games are getting released even though they are not polished enough. Unfortunately, many Asian games fall into this category. Many observers speculate that the reason behind extending this beta phase is to have an excuse for poor quality of many of those games.

According to gamers, if everyone is allowed to play a game, it should not be considered to be a game in beta. Before a product is released and being sold, the developers should ensure that everyone is satisfied with the overall quality. Gamers will not trust developers that release unpolished games. That is just a simple fact and it is in the best interest of game developers to ensure that all products that they release are polished. If a game is released to the general public, then it does not look very professional if the developers uses an excuse the the game is still in beta.

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Using Fancy Fonts

May 4th, 2011 Comments off

There are thousands of fonts available, and some of the font creators really earn a lot of money. People like good looking fonts, so no wonder that there is such an abundance of them. It sometimes happens that bloggers edit their style sheet file and change the font to some really pretty font that is very original. If you are reading this post you might think I will explain how to change the font of your blog, but this post has a significantly different purpose. I am actually hoping to convince you to stick to regular fonts, unless you are in some specific niche like a calligraphy website. Most blogs exist to deliver some kind of message to their readers, and this is most easily achieved with easy to read, standard fonts. I think we should make the process of reading as easy as possible, and do not make it harder for your readers. There might be some exceptions for blogs of artists, or for personal blogs; however, most blogs should stick to standard fonts. Most reputable news websites use a very basic font like Times of Roman, because they want it to be easy for readers to read articles.

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Laptop Batteries

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

One of the nicest features of laptops is the fact that they can run on batteries. That way laptops can be transported anywhere and we can work in front of them even if there is no electricity outlet nearby. Batteries are very convenient, but they might run out quite fast in some circumstances. Here are some tricks that will help you improve the life of your notebook battery:

-Once per month allow your battery to completely discharge and then start recharging it again. Keeping it charged constantly when it is not discharged completely will diminish its capacity.
-Check some comparison websites if you need to buy laptop batteries to get the best deals.
-Watch the room temperature in which your notebook is stored. Do not leave it in a car on a sunny day for extended periods of time. You have to be careful especially in the summer when some days can be exceptionally hot.

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Censoring the Blogosphere

May 2nd, 2011 Comments off

One of the most basic rights is the right of free speech. However, it seems that some countries want to censor the blogosphere. Do not worry, if you live in United States or Europe, you have nothing to worry about. However, for all of the Russians or Chinese this might be a real problem. From time to time we hear some news about the desire of these countries to censor the blogosphere. As an example, I can give you a discussion held in Russia some time ago about creating a Russian computer network, one that would be separate from the Internet. It would also at large be much easier for the authorities to control. This is mostly due to political reasons. However, as a blogger I just want to say that I strongly believe in the right of free speech, and I think that such behavior is unacceptable. I think that free media is very important, and that other bloggers will agree with me as well. Officials from some countries argue that they do not want various websites to spread lies about their countries, or political system. However, citizens should have the right to express themselves, even if for some reason they are not correct. The great thing about the Internet is that it is easy for anyone to express his opinions. One of the best ways to do it is to have a blog and that is why blogging is becoming more popular with each passing day.

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