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October 20th, 2009

In the past I briefly wrote about AdSense. This time I would like to indicate for whom this might be a good opportunity, because I do not believe that everyone will reap the same benefits using this program:

-Only popular websites with a lot of traffic will really benefit. That is because the probability of a visitor clicking on an ad is small and is often 0.5-2%. You will need huge traffic to have a lot of clicks on your ads.
-Websites about FOREX, curing cancer, or other topics which involve a lot of money, will have a lot higher earnings per click compared to an average website. That is because ads are displayed based on the content of your website, and the earnings for each click might range from 1 cent to $3. The price depends on the category of an ad.
-Sites which already have a lot of ads displayed on their websites might discourage their readers from visiting their site by adding even more ads.
-Ads are served based on the website content. Websites about a very specific topic like, for example, computer monitors, will benefit far more from AdSense than websites which do not put emphasis on one topic like, for example, directory type websites. The reason for this is that visitors might actually appreciate ads which pertain to their interests.
-Webmasters that host their website on their own domain will reap greater profits, because they will be able to keep 100% of their income, unlike Blogger blogs, which will have to share their earnings with Blogger.

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