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October 21st, 2009

As I might have mentioned before, submitting your website to different blog directories is an excellent way to increase your website’s Page Rank and attract new visitors. You will have more links pointing to your website, which will help your blog in the long run. I am only going to list directories to which I did not have problems submitting my blog, and did not have to pay anything. I got the idea of posting a list of directories after unsuccessfully trying to register to a lot of them myself. Most of them were either no longer existing, not accepting registrations, or you had to pay a hefty fee to be included there. As I said, I would like to list some recent directories where I included my blog. Some of them are blog directories, and some of them are RSS directories. I am sure being listed in both blog and RSS directories is beneficial to bloggers. Here is the list of blog directories: http://www.sarthak.net/blogz/add.php, http://www.fybersearch.com/add-url.php, http://www.daypop.com/info/submit.htm, http://www.blogrankings.com/addblog.php, http://www.blogpulse.com/submit.html, http://www.bloglines.com, http://www.blogdir.com/dir/formreg.php.

Here is the list of RSS directories, where you can submit your feed: http://www.feedsee.com/submit.html, http://www.weblogalot.com/Ping/, http://www.search4rss.com/?add=default, http://www.feed-directory.com/addfeed, http://www.anse.de/rdfticker/addchannel.php, http://reader.rocketinfo.com/desktop/AddRSSFeed.jsp, http://chordata.info/suggest.php.

Submitting to directories can be time consuming, but those who have taken the time to do it will tell you that it is worth it. This way you will obtain a lot of backlinks and get a lot of new visitors.

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