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MyBlogLog Widget

November 1st, 2009

Many of you have probably seen a MyBlogLog widget before. It is a widget displaying pictures of your most recent visitors who are registered at MyBlogLog. There are many bloggers who have been using this widget for a long time now, and I wanted to write a few words about integrating this widget on blogs.

First of all, to add the widget you should go to mybloglog.com, and after registering/logging in, click on “Get This Widget Now”. After you do so, you will see many options to customize your widget. You can change the size of picture, background color, text color, width, rows title, and other things. This gives you a lot of power to integrate your widget exactly the way you like, which is important for those who want their widgets to match their template style. A good idea may be using a white background, small photo size, and width adjusted to integrate well with your sidebar. Of course, you can choose any colors you want, depending on what template style you have. It is quite a neat tool to check who is visiting your blog. At the same time it is considered an attractive widget to have on one’s blog. It adds a sense of community, and since many blogs are based on communities, it may results in your blog becoming more successful.

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