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Writing Guest Posts

October 22nd, 2009

This time I would like to talk about how you can get some help writing guest posts if you are totally lost, and do not know where to start. Usually, the webmaster who requested us to write a post for him might explain pretty well what his expectations are. This might include details such as minimum number of words, any required images, or other media. However, in many cases they do not state what the requirements are. If this is your first guest post you will want to make a good first impression.

My recommendation is to check how other bloggers wrote a similar post. But how can you find bloggers who wrote a similar type of guest post as you are supposed to write? It is usually quite simple. There are actually a few ways to do it:

-Use Google to search for the topic you wish to write about, and add ‘blog’ or ‘guest post’. This should show up the blogs which had posts about the topic. If you are not an expert on the topic you are going to write, then I suggest you read some posts about it.
-Use Blog Catalog (blogcatalog.com/post-tag/) to search for posts tagged as the name of the topic you wish to write about. This will often lead you to blogs which also discuss the topics you want to write about.
-You can read my blog regularly, or use the search function to look for posts that I wrote to get an idea how to do it. Maybe you will get inspired by something.

Please note that I am not advocating stealing content from other websites, just merely looking for some help in writing posts. If you want to know my opinion about stealing content, let me tell you that I am totally against it.

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